Sweet Remembrance Gallery

Joe Swan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1934. He attended Catholic elementary school, public high school, and Boston College, a Jesuit institution. He later studied at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and, finally, under the tutelage of renowned teacher and impressionist painter, Henry Hensche, in Provincetown on Cape Cod.

In 1970, Joe and his wife, Mary, became initiates of Kirpal Singh. Two years later, they left Provincetown to live near Sant Bani Ashram in New Hampshire. They made many pilgrimages to Rajasthan and S.K.A. Retreat in Sampla, India to be at the feet of Sant Ajaib Singh. On one of those trips, Sant Ji suggested to Joe a subject which "might make an interesting painting". This turned out to be THE TRUE DISCIPLE, a depiction of the underground room scene when Kirpal pulled Sant Ji out of deep meditation to end more than two years of uninterrupted devotion, as instructed by Kirpal.After Sant Ji left the body, Joe sincerely prayed to the Master to lead him to the Form where He was presently manifesting. Those prayers were answered when he was pulled to go and sit at the feet of Sri Sadhu Ram Ji in Delhi in December, 2002.
It is Joe's earnest wish to devote all his outer work time to painting only the images of Sawan, Kirpal, Ajaib, and Sadhu Ram - and Somanath and Mastana Ji when photos are available.